Pond Costs – How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pond?

Garden ponds are quickly becoming a much desired parts of the landscape around people’s houses. Unfortunately, ponds can almost never be constructed without any investments, there will always be some pond costs. Although you can bring the final costs down by doing all the hard work yourself. Garden pond benefits The benefits of having a pond in your garden will ...

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Is Copper Dangerous for Your Garden Pond?

Water Lily

Copper is a trace element and as such represents a part of the diet of many animals. Among other things, it is important to create a variety, for the life of important, enzymes. As previously mentioned designation “trace element” suggests, copper is healthy only in small quantities (traces). At higher concentrations of copper in the garden pond, its inhabitants will ...

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Pond Pumps and Filtration Systems Basics

Garden Pond

A pond pump together with filtration system are the most important parts of the pond. The main use of pumps is their connection to the pond filtration, but there are many other ways of utilizing them. The pump is also used to create water effects such as fountains, waterfalls, or streams. The pump can be connected to a skimmer which ...

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