Pond Pumps and Filtration Systems Basics

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A pond pump together with filtration system are the most important parts of the pond. The main use of pumps is their connection to the pond filtration, but there are many other ways of utilizing them. The pump is also used to create water effects such as fountains, waterfalls, or streams. The pump can be connected to a skimmer which is used to collect debris from the surface of the pond.

Pond pumps for filtration

We put high demands on pond pumps which are used for filtration systems. They must be designed for continuous operation and the most importatnt attribute is their reliability. Therefore, we recommend to choose only proven pond pumps. A high quality pump for filtering will have a safeguard against overheating and is capable of pumping water containing dirt and small debris. Variability in possible connection to hoses and pipes of various diameters should be a standard. Moreover, we should check whether the pump is adapted for wet and dry operation. Pumps for dry operation are used for gravity filtration systems and fountains.

If you need to pump salt water, you have to choose one that is tailored to that. Pumps for seawater are made of durable materials that are stable even in salt water. An indication of possible use in seawater can be found in the description of the pump.

When selecting a pump for filtration you have to take into account the type of filtration system and its maximum recommended flow rate. Maximum flow is measured in liters or gallons per hour, and this data can be found in both filtration and pump descriptions. It is not unreasonable to get slightly more powerful pump in terms of the flow pump than required by the filtration system. Higher pump flow can be easily adjusted by power control, it’s not possible to do it the other way round. It is therefore recommended to choose a pump with approximately a third of the declared flow higher than indicated by filtration and regulate their output according to current needs.

Another consideration when selecting a pump is the height to which we need to draw water. The value of maximum height is given for each pump. With the increasing height of the displacement, the pump power is reduced. Therefore, again, we recommend the selection of a pump that is slightly more powerful than needed.

Connecting the skimmer and filtration system to the pond pump

For the pump-based filter systems, pressure pumps are probably the most commonly chosen models. Pressure pumps with high performance provide smooth transport of water to higher ground filtration. A special kind of pumps are dual pumps, whose advantages are two suction inputs. These sometimes allow direct connection to the skimmer.

Very appropriate choice for gravity filter systems are efficient pumps (Eco), which have comparable performance at a much lower power consumption. Therefore their operation is significantly less expensive.

Photo: Kris Barrow