Alpine Cyclone Pump 3100 GPH Review

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Anyone who is looking to buy a new pump for a garden pond or other water feature should at least check the Cyclone Pump by Alpine. Alpine is a proven company whose specialty is water pumps and fountains. This time, they delivered a hybrid pump, that can be used both as a submersible model, or an external model. Let’s have a look at what the product brings to the table.

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Features at glance

  • Max power: 2100 to 8000 GPH depending on the model
  • Pump type: electric, external or submersible
  • Power consumption: 190 Watts for the 3100 GPH model
  • Vortex impeller with a large pre-filter
  • Can be used in ponds with fish
  • Cord length: 33 feet

Alpine Cyclone Pond Pump 33Ft Cord 2100 GPH
The Cyclone pond pump model line comes in wide variety power. The least powerful pump has a max water flow of 2100 GPH, while the one we are looking at can pump 3100 GPH. The maximum water flow is, of course, depending on the height the water has to travel, and the mentioned values are for zero height. Even then, the Cyclone pond pump belongs to the most powerful reasonably priced pumps you can get.


One of the main pros of the pump is its raw power, which is especially true for the 8000 GPH version. It can serve ponds from medium to large size with ease.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the pump can operate submerged in the water and also as an external pump hidden in pond’s landscape. The choice is yours.

Some of the other pumps tend to have rather short power cords, forcing you to use cord extensions. This one, however, has a 33 feet long power cord which should be enough for most users.


One of the reviews, we found online, stated that the pump died after mere 7 months of operation. This can happen to any other product though, and the Cyclone pond pump is backed by a 3-year long warranty from the manufacturer.

Customer ratings

The Alpine Cyclone range of pumps belongs to the best-rated pond pumps available on the market.


All in all, we would highly recommend the pump for anyone looking to improve water movement in medium to large bodies of water. Depending on the model, the pump will deliver tremendous power and it’s built to last. If you need a pump for a smaller pond, this line may be a bit of an overkill. However, make sure you do the flow calculation from the homepage before you cross this pump off as too powerful.

Where to buy the Alpine Cyclone Pump?

The Cyclone pumps are available for purchase online at reasonable prices.

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