Pondmaster PMK190 Pond Pump Kit Review

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It’s not always necessary to go for large and powerful pond pumps. Sometimes, the smaller less powerful pond pumps are the best choice. This will, of course, depend largely on the size of your pond.

The Pondmaster PMK190 pond pump kit is a model that will serve small ponds quite well. It can provide water flow of up to 190 GPH which is enough for roughly 200-gallon ponds.

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Features at glance

  • Submersible pump and filter kit with water bell fountain head
  • Max power: 190 GPH
  • Cord length: 15 feet
  • Power consumption: 15 Watts

Pondmaster PMK190 Pond Pump KitThe pump kit comes equipped with a 10 feet power cord and will draw only 15 Watts per hour, making it a good energy saving solution for small sized ponds. The filter is designed for both mechanical and biological filtration. One upside of the setup is that it will be almost silent when submerged and running.

As a bonus, you will receive a water bell shaped fountain head that will bring your pond to life. The water pattern can be adjusted by slightly rotating the head. This is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions that come with the kit.

If you have a small pond ridden with algae, this model might be the right one to go for. It will be able to clean the water in a day or two and then you will have crystal clear water won’t have to worry about algae anymore. Just take the pump out of the water once in a time, hose off the filter, and put it back into the water. All in all, this won’t require more than a couple of minutes of your time to accomplish. And you can be sure that it will be well worth it.

Customer Reviews

This pond pump kit doesn’t receive as positive reviews as some of the other models we’ve reviewed so far, like for example the
EcoPlus pumps. However, it definitely is a good choice for smaller ponds. Not the best, not the worst. Some of the reviewers mentioned that the filter clogs up rather quickly. This will vary with different ponds depending on the amount of debris and algae the pump would have to clean. Expect to clean the filter more often in the beginning. Later on, it will require less maintenance time.

Where to buy the Pondmaster pump kit?

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