PP80006: 800 GPH High Lift Pump Review

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In the previous reviews, we’ve gone through small and large pumps, and we didn’t take a look at any mid-sized model. This is going to change with the today’s PP80006 pump review.

Features at glance

  • Max power: 800 GPH
  • Pump type: electric, submersible
  • Power consumption: 60 Watts
  • High lift performance – up to 11 feet
  • Cord length: 6 ft waterproof power cord
  • Comes with 3 outlet adapters for 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ tubing

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PP80006 pump flow rates

As you probably know, every pumps’ flow rate goes down with increased water lift. The PP80006 has, however, quite remarkable flow rates up to 11 feet.

  • 0 ft – 793 GPH
  • 1 ft – 775 GPH
  • 2 ft – 761 GPH
  • 4 ft – 687 GPH
  • 8 ft – 449 GPH
  • 11 ft – 79 GPH

PP80006 800 GPH High Lift Pump
The PonicsPumps PP80006 pump is a member of a pump line which consists of 13 different models and 7 sizes. The 800 GPH model is a mid-sized pump suitable for medium garden ponds, waterfall, and other waterworks. It is made of high-quality materials, with the shaft being made of ceramic. That makes it much harder than steel and resistible to corroding.

Internal motor components are protected by epoxy resin encasement. Therefore, the internals are not susceptible to unwanted conductivity and corrosion.


The pump offers excellent lift capabilities, with max water lift of 11 feet. Though, the flow rate goes down considerably.

The pump has no exposed copper parts. making it safe for fish inhabiting the pond.

With high efficiency of the model line, you won’t be paying more than needed to run these pumps.

You will not need any tools to disassemble the pump to clean the filter and impeller.


On of the PP80006 reviews mentioned that the pump failed just after 3 months of usage. This seems like the user received a faulty product and should have returned it for warranty replacement.

Customer ratings

The whole line receives positive reviews from verified customers. Some of the reviewers reported that the pump failed after several months. However, they should be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Conclusion of the PP80006: 800 GPH High Lift Pump review

All in all, the small and quiet pump will deliver results for smaller ponds with ease.

Where to buy?

We recommend checking out Amazon for the prices for the pump. It is one of the cheapish models. The more powerful models are of course more expensive.

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