TetraPond Debris-handling Pump DHP3600 and DHP4200 Review

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Getting a pump for a large garden pond always costs some money. However, higher price does not always mean higher quality. But don’t be concerned, with the TetraPond Debris-handling pump, you are paying for top notch quality. Let’s take a look at what’s so special about this pond pump.

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Features at glance

  • Max power: 3690 or 4235 GPH depending on the model
  • Pump type: electric, submersible
  • Power consumption: 199 Watts for the 3690 GPH model
  • Clog free efficient performance
  • Can be used in ponds with fish
  • Cord length: 15 feet

TetraPond DHP3600 Pond Pump
The TetraPond pump comes in two versions. The first one has a max flow of 3690 GPH and the second one has a max flow of 4235 GPH. TetraPond recommends the pumps for pond sizes of 3000 gallons or 4000 gallons respectively. With such a powerful flow, however, these pumps could likely handle even larger ponds. Max recommended pumping height is 11.4 feet, which is quite a lot, and the pump could be used to power nice medium sized waterfalls.


One of the main pros of the DHP3600 and DHP4200 pumps is that they require low to no maintenance, thanks to their debris-handling abilities. You will find this useful if you have debris problems in your pond. One birch that dumps its leaves into your pond during a drought would be enough to clog a pump without the debris-handling function.

Another pro of the line is the high power, which allows the pump to push the water to a reasonable height, enabling you to use it to serve waterfalls.


One of the reviewers mentioned he was unlucky with this pump because went through 3 of these during 4 years. The manufacturer always replaced the pumps free of charge as a warranty replacement. It’s not clear what stopped the pumps from working properly, however, can at least be sure, that the manufacturer is ready to solve these issues quickly by replacing the product.

Customer reviews

The debris-handling range of pumps by TetraPond are the best-rated pond pumps online. The pumps are enjoying positive customer’s average rating. Most of the reviewers praise the pump for quick and easy installation and low maintenance.

Final thoughts

To sum up the review, we clearly think that the TetraPond DHP3600 and DHP4200 pumps are some of the best choices you can possibly get. With their rather high power, they may be a bit of an overkill for a small pond, but if you plan to use them together with a filtration system, they may be the right choice due to higher required power.

Where to buy the DHP3600 and DHP4200 pumps?

The TetraPond pumps are available for purchase online with a bit higher price than the Alpine Cyclone model, you do however get the clog free functionality in return. The price varies depending on the chosen version, however, the difference in price between the models will be rather small.

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